Sunday, March 22, 2015

Great Inspirations of Hijab Maxi Skirts for Traveling

Maxi skirts for traveling time vary widely, depending upon long skirts made of sheer fabrics, like chiffon, floral skirts, denim skirts, and batik skirts.

Being a hijabi does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy the holiday. Having a picnic or going to a beach must be an interesting thing to do to spend your weekend or leave time. However, hijab is hijab; everything must be in line with Islamic learning. Maxi skirts for hijabi are just amazing to wear even during the traveling and beach playing times.

There are many options of hijab maxi skirts for casual event. They range from the simplest and plain skirts to stylish and beautiful ones with detailed motives such as floral motives and batik. Therefore, before preparing the flip-flops, sunglasses, flat shoes, sweaters, and hat, you had better selected the maxi skirts to bring during the traveling days.

Options of Maxi Skirts for Traveling Time

The following are some interesting inspirations of maxi skirt designs and their mix-n-match ideas to make sure that you are comfortable and stylish during the trip:

Chiffon skirts

Chiffon skirts are preferred by many girls, since they are easy to maintain and made of sheer fabrics. Skirts made of chiffon fabrics are so varied, ranging from plain skirts, layered skirts to ones with asymmetric cuts. Match the skirt with a peplum blouse and creative hijab style. This is also great as a choice for airport style.

Floral skirts

They represent playfulness and charm. They are ideal for beach playing. In four-season countries, floral skirts are popular during the summer time. Whatever the season is, floral maxi skirts are interesting options to wear when you do outdoor activities. Since they are rich in motifs, floral skirts are better combined with plain blouse or shirts.

Batik skirts

In the form of blouse or dress, batik always represents formal look. Batik is the symbol of cultural richness in Indonesia. The fabric comes in different motifs and designs. Each motif usually represents certain meaning. However, the case is different when batik comes in maxi skirt designs. They are casual as well as ethnic in look, thus appropriate for street style, airport style, or traveling fashion style.

Ruffled skirts or A-line skirts are among the common options for beach playing. Batik skirts are lightweight, dry quickly, and eat less space in your travel bag. Therefore, batik long skirts are great for trip days. You can combine batik skirts with various tips, such as plain blouse, shirts, knitted sweater, cardigan, and even denim jackets.

Denim skirts

Denim is a symbol of casualness. At no time does a man or a woman wear fashion items made of denim for a formal event. Denim maxi skirts are great options for traveling time. They can be mixed and matches with almost any types of top. They go well with flip-flops, flat shoes, or even boots.

Those are some popular options of hijab maxi skirts, which you can try for traveling. Actually, there are many other designs of long skirts you can wear during the holiday. They include mermaid-style long skirt, ruffled skirts, A-line skirt, and even asymmetric-cut skirts. However, what you need are simple but stylish fashion items. Enjoy the holiday time!

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